• Stumps

    Stumps can be either left in situ or completely removed. A tree reduced to a stump for regrowth is known as coppicing. If coppicing is not required the stump may need to be poisoned. Poisoning the stump will stop any regrowth from the stump if left in situ and stop any risers from roots if removed. The poisoning of the stump is a completely safe procedure; a small amount of poison is injected into the stump by inserting a sealed plug into a pre drilled hole, this prevents any potential leakage and poison damage to any surrounding plant life. The stump can then be either left in place to naturally rot thus feeding its nutrients back in to the earth or completely removed using stump grinding techniques. If the stump is to be ground out it will typically, where access allows, be cut as near to ground level as possible. It will then be poisoned and 4 to 6 weeks later (to allow the poison to take effect) removed by use of one of our stump grinders.

    Eco Plugs

    Eco Plugs

    Stump poision in place

    Eco plug arrangement in stump

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